National Apprenticeship Week 2021 In the hot seat with Alice Deeping

At Unsworth Sugden we’ve always believed in the value of apprenticeships, in nurturing raw talent and building a loyal employee base for the future. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people change over the time of their course and develop into valuable members of the team in their own right.

Deputy Managing Director, Hannah Ewell said, “I’m forever impressed with the level of commitment and humility shown by apprentices. So often they show the rest of us how it’s done and our current apprentice, Alice, is no exception.

“She has already demonstrated a high level of professionalism especially during the challenging backdrop of the pandemic and I am excited for both of us to see how she grows this year and what she can bring to our service offering.”

Alice is undertaking a Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration working in our social media department.

Name: Alice Deeping

Job Role: Social Media Apprentice

  • Highlight of your time so far with USG? – Really friendly staff that are happy to help whenever you need it. Also, the lovely social company lunches (before Covid-19), being able to connect with everyone in the company once a month.
  • What’s it like being an apprentice? – It’s great being an apprentice, it gives me a better chance to work towards my career, mixing apprenticeship assignments and working life. It also gets me ready for full-time work.
  • Highlight of lockdown – My lockdown highlight has been spending time with my whole family. It was used as a nice bonding session to get closer.
  • What did you learn in 2020 that you didn’t know before? – How to wallpaper!
  • What advice would you give to anyone leaving school now and uncertain of what to do next? – Don’t rush yourself, explore your options and choose something YOU want to do, not anybody else. Sometimes it takes longer to reach your dream, but you will get there.
  • If you could only have one app on your phone, which would you pick? Instagram as I love to look at what other people are doing with their lives and what style they have.
  • Best advice you were given. And who’s it from? Everything happens for a reason – my mum
  • Guilty pleasure? Binge watching TV shows ‘til the early hours in the morning (only at the weekends of course – I’m watching White Chapel at the moment).
  • What are you looking forward to? – Being able to go out freely without Covid-19 being a big issue in the UK. I miss going out for lunch with my family.
  • If you could star in a film, what would it be and who would you play? It’s not really a movie but it’s a TV series, Luther. I would love to play Luther as I love true or drama crime series.