How to keep up social media engagement organically

With social media used by almost every business around, we spoke to PR and Social Media Executive Grace to gain her top tips for keeping up social media engagement:


The power of social media has been proven time and time again, with almost everyone owning a page on at least one media platform, whether that is for personal or business use. Engagement is one of the most important factors when posting on social media, allowing users to comment on, react to and share a post, helping to increase brand awareness through the repetition of a post or page with users engaging individually.

With platforms understanding the sheer impact they are having on a business, they are making it increasingly harder for a business user or page to gain organic engagement and are creating further paid options allowing businesses to advertise within their platforms.

Here at Unsworth Sugden, we know and understand the ins and outs of social media platforms combined with the needs and goals of the client, allowing us to help them grow their engagement and brand name thus driving sales, both organically and through paid promotion.

There are four factors I would recommend when it comes to promoting your business through social media and keeping up your social media engagement:


  1. Know your audience

The first step of creating an impact through social media is to know your audience. This is not only knowing the people you will be targeting, but also knowing the type of platform they will be using alongside their social media behaviour.


  1. Understand each platform

There is such a wide variety of social media platforms available for users to spread the word of their business. Although all platforms are there to help share words and images, each platform is different through the features available and the audience that use it. Hashtags is one of the main features that are used on all platforms; however they can be a lot more effective on some platforms and completely pointless on others.


  1. Get the most out of your content

Content differs depending on each platform, from the amount of text allowed to the tone of voice. Certain types of content works better on each platform, where it may not be available on others. The use of ‘free’ social media isn’t just about posting a photograph with some copy. There are many other options available now such as polls, boomerangs and gifs.

This point goes hand in hand with knowing your audience and understanding each platform. Although each platform offers different content options, audiences also react differently to a variety of content, so, for example, a boomerang on your Instagram story may not be the best way to sell a Zimmer frame!


  1. Understand the paid advertising options available

Although social media is a cheap way to reach your customers, advertising is definitely the best option to reach out to new customers. Platforms offer a variety of different advertising options from sponsored ads to lead generation, which will help you to reach out to customers that you may not have before.


At Unsworth Sugden we will analyse your business to make sure we are using the correct platforms for your target audience, to help increase your ROI. Once we have selected the ideal platforms, we will then make sure that all content is suited to both your audience and platform, including the times of posting, the amount of weekly posts and the tone of voice and content posted. Not only do we do the drafting and scheduling of posts, we will also make sure that all of your engagement is monitored and relevantly responded to, including private messages, ad comments and reviews.

For information on how we can help you, either call us on 0116 247 1777 or email