Media Planning & Buying

Unsworth Sugden offers its clients a wealth of experience in media planning and buying.

Every media sector is fully catered for, whether it be press, outdoor, broadcast or online. Our expertise is by no means limited within the UK, we plan and buy media for our clients in various countries including, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and most of Europe. Having been around for over 30 years we have built up an excellent reputation with the media, meaning we are perfectly placed to secure the best opportunities and most competitive rates for our clients.

The UK media is constantly changing and there are more advertising channels to choose from than ever before. Unsworth Sugden provide all of its clients with free, non bias media researching complete with extensive demographic, circulation and readership profiles.

Is it not cheaper to book the media directly?

No. Using Unsworth Sugden to plan and buy your media does not mean it will be more expensive. Because we are a recognised advertising agency we receive 10{fec131b0598fbc0857ce1459b5bc2aa722fcea9ee2599f171c4984dc62f9efdc} commission from the media. The media space actually costs you no more than booking it direct; in fact through our hard nose media negotiating skills it may well cost you less. The 10{fec131b0598fbc0857ce1459b5bc2aa722fcea9ee2599f171c4984dc62f9efdc} commission subsidises the media researching, planning and buying services we provide you with.

What are the advantages of using Unsworth Sugden’s media planning and buying service:
Time saving.
Cost saving.
Added expertise.
Extensive media knowledge.
Comprehensive monthly media schedule.
A more cohesive advertising strategy.
Unbiased media advice for numerous advertising channels.
Taking responsibility and meeting booking and copy deadlines.
Easier administration – allows you to keep track of costs.
Our media planning and buying services cover the following media:
Press advertising: regional press, national press, international press, specialist trade publications, magazines.
Online Advertising: banners, skyscrapers, PPC.
Broadcast: radio, cinema.
Outdoor Advertising: roadside, bus, taxi, rail, underground

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