USG supports IWD2018

To mark International Women’s Day 2018 we are profiling some of our female employees… here’s what they have to say on their experiences in the work place.

Being a Graphic Designer takes more than just being good at art, although having a creative flair is obviously useful. You have to be good at problem solving and be able to take a brief and communicate other people’s messages visually.  I’ve found through my education and career so far, there’s been a fairly equal split between men and women. Having male and female designers in a studio improves our versatility.

Lucy Hayward, 29, Graphic Designer

“The PR industry can be seen as female dominated and there are lots of stereotypes around the typical ‘PR girl’. While it can seem ‘fluffy’ and glamorous, in reality working in PR takes grit, confidence, organisation and being able to think two steps ahead. It’s definitely a good career choice for both men and women.”

Catherine Senior, 22, PR Account Manager

I’ve always loved playing with computers, so becoming a web developer was a natural choice for me. I have found however, through my studies and my career so far that as a woman I am in the minority. I would encourage anyone to consider web development. It requires technical knowledge, a strategic mind, planning, problem solving and the willingness to keep learning and developing your skills.

Laura Sirrell, 27, Web Developer

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