Five Ways PR Can Help Transform Your Business

Public relations can be an excellent tool for helping to grow and transform your business. It manages the reputation of a business and can help to create a more favourable environment in which people view a brand using third party endorsements.

We’ve listed five ways in which we think introducing PR to your company could not only boost your sales but also help get your business noticed.

1. Brand awareness

When you think of PR the first word that can normally be associated with it is reputation. Everything in public relations comes down to how you want your business to be perceived and protecting your reputation if anything negative happens.

By having a PR strategy in place, the reputation of your business is constantly being managed. This is not only to deal with negative press and protecting your name, this is making people more aware of your brand and constantly thinking of new ways you can be perceived in a positive light.

Here at Unsworth Sugden we work closely with all of our clients to ensure we understand their business thoroughly and know what they are trying to portray. We then ensure we have an expert communications strategy in place for each brand to keep positive coverage in the press.

2. Give your business a social media presence

Social media is an excellent way of communicating your brand and in this day and age it’s how a great number of people consume news and information. It’s a quick and easy way to update your followers of what’s happening in your business and allows you to communicate directly with them, should you wish to do so.
We manage a number of our client’s social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and find it’s a great way to promote new launches for housing developers and share a great story or press release. By getting your name out there people are more likely to connect with your brand.

3. Let your PR agency take the stress away from your business

Dealing with the media and thinking of ways to promote your brand isn’t always easy and can be not only time consuming but stressful too.

As a PR agency, Unsworth Sugden helps take this stress away by managing everything from crisis PR to arranging and attending events. Here, we will suggest ideas and campaigns that we think would be suitable for your business and see them through until the very end, arranging everything from a photographer to a VIP guest list.

A selection of our clients take part in awareness events such as Walk to School Month – where they donate high visibility equipment to local primary schools – and Macmillan Coffee Morning – where they host an event to take part in the nation’s biggest coffee morning.

We take care of ordering any branded equipment you may need that will help boost your brand even further and contacting places like schools to organise each event, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

4. Find a smarter way to engage with your customers

You need a marketing strategy in your business to advertise what you are trying to sell or promote whilst PR provides a third party voice that is perceived completely differently by the general public.
For example, potential customers may be more likely to relate to a news article about how a business has engaged with the local community or supported a local charity then they would from an outright advert about a product.

5. Build credibility and attract not only customers but potential employees too

Whilst PR is mainly put in place to attract new customers or ensure repeat custom, it can also be a great way to attract employees to come and work for your business.

Here at Unsworth Sugden we write a number of HR press releases that help to entice people looking for similar roles, such as when new apprentices are taken on or when someone within the company is promoted. This helps to promote your brand as a great place to work and can also be a fantastically subtle way of advertising a new role or trainee scheme.