My week with USdigital

17 year old A’Level student, Conor Holland, from Leicester spent a week with our digital team recently.  Here’s how he got on…

During my week at Unsworth Sudgen I worked with the digital team to develop my understanding of the digital marketing industry.

I was set a wide range of tasks and shadowed some of the staff.  I really enjoyed my time and have learned a lot of new skills.

One of the key tasks I undertook was to develop my own website for my A’Level photography work. This was a good opportunity for me and the team was really helpful.  If I got stuck and wasn’t sure what to do with regards to the layout etc they were happy to assist me.

Another task was to carry out a site audit and SEO account manager, Ram, took me through the process. This was really informative as it had never previously occurred to me how much goes in to a website – it was a real eye opener! In addition, Ram gave me some brief Google Analytics training and showed me how to set up Google Analytics for my own website.

I also worked with one of the web developers, James, who taught me the basics of coding and the various coding software available. Further to this I had a go at updating some client HTML emails before they were distributed. 

My final task during my work experience week was to shadow SEO account executive, Jennie, whilst she undertook some social media work. She entrusted me with a scheduling clients’ social media posts for the upcoming week, following her guidance on how to carry out such a task.

In conclusion, from my week of work experience at Unsworth Sudgen I have gained a real insight into digital marketing and what goes into a business’ online presence.  This has helped me in terms of decisions with regards to my future career path.