Work experience with Joe

We recently welcomed university student Joe to undertake a week of virtual work experience with the PR team. Here’s what he had to say about his time in the Zoom room with us.

Currently a second year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at the University of Nottingham, I contacted Unsworth Sugden in the hope of gaining a thorough insight into the public relations sector, building on my current skill set and successfully applying myself in a professional setting.

With a passion for gaining a deep understanding of groups and individuals and communicating effectively, PR seemed like the perfect career to pursue.
Any concerns I had vanished as I (virtually) met Hannah and Emily on the Monday morning. The passion and joy they both had for their jobs was glaringly obvious and straight away I was excited to get stuck in!

From the off, every task I was set was thoroughly explained and truly enjoyable. It was great knowing I could always ask for support and the feedback provided was really helpful. The work I did was worthwhile and for the short period I was at Unsworth Sugden I felt like a valued member of the team.
I found drafting press releases beneficial as I adapted the approach of my writing dependent on the type and aim of each release. Also, focusing on crisis management opened my eyes to a field within PR which I found truly interesting.

Thinking creatively in coming up with ideas for future campaigns and relaying these in a team meeting was genuinely rewarding. Being able to brainstorm effectively with a group of established professionals was a great experience and sums up brilliantly how well I was treated at Unsworth Sugden.

Once the placement had finished, I’d gained a rigorous understanding of many different fields within the sector. I’m truly grateful to Emily, Hannah, and the rest of the team in giving me this opportunity and providing such a great and beneficial experience.

If you’re interested in doing the same as Joe, please email Emily Howett on