My week at Unsworth Sugden

As an English Language and Media student wanting to understand the world of PR, I decided the best place for this is Unsworth Sugden. I had become fond of Unsworth Sugden after reading their website and social media pages.

After completion of a full week at Unsworth Sugden, I just knew PR is where I belong and Unsworth Sugden allowed me to realise this. I received a warm welcome from everyone in the team and quickly felt part of the Unsworth Sugden family.

I was given a full brief, which included creating blog posts, press releases, conducting interviews and researching. It was very refreshing and reassuring to actually feel that the work I was carrying out was valuable and actually contributed to the efforts of the firm, rather than being given seemingly pointless tasks to keep me out the way.

Working alongside the PR team gave me a real insight in how the team deals with clients, work approach and working ethics. I was also given the chance to complete some tasks in advertising. I developed a clear understanding of the digital side, by conducting interviews giving me a deep insight on SEO and digital. I can certainly say from my week at Unsworth Sugden I learnt more than a PR handbook could ever teach me!

My time at Unsworth Sugden has been well spent and has given me a valuable introduction to the world of PR. Working at Unsworth Sugden has further made me realise just how much I want a career in PR.  I highly recommend that anyone seeking some vital and valuable experience in PR should most definitely consider work experience at Unsworth Sugden.