University student finds love for PR during work experience

As a media and journalism student at De Montfort University about to go into my final year, I felt now was a good time to gain some work experience.

From the moment I stepped through the door at Unsworth Sugden everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful. I was treated like a real staff member from the beginning and was given an in-depth briefing and a tour which was really useful and professional.

I was given a list of things to do to support the PR team which meant I was always busy and always learning new things. I was given lots of advice about a career in PR and was given the chance to produce real work, such as writing press releases for industry leading companies.

I’ve recently discovered a passion for Public Relations and my time as Unsworth Sugden has made me want to look at pursuing it as a career. I would definitely recommend anyone with an interest in PR to come and do work experience with Unsworth Sugden.