Make a splash with your corporate giving

Many clients turn to us for advice about their corporate sponsorship. There’s no doubt that charity-giving and staff fundraising has many benefits. It works to engage employees as well as demonstrate a company’s commitment to their local community. It shows a business is willing to give something back and is driven by more than just sales. But how to select an organisation to support?

Businesses will often be faced with mountains of begging letters and it’s tricky to know how to deal with them all fairly. So, here are three quick tips…

1. A ‘Community Chest Fund’ is a good way of managing the applications. This can be set up online to make the process straight forward.

2. Agree to select a charity for six months at a time and invite staff to vote for their preferred beneficiary.

3. Choose something that is a bit different. All causes are worthy but why not go for something a bit unusual that will help you stand out from the crowd? For example a client recently made a splash in the local media after they sponsored a Northampton swimming club.

And don’t forget to get your PR team involved in the process so that you can maximise the opportunities and spread the word. Talk to us to find out more about how we can help.