A designer in the making…

At Unsworth Sugden we always like to accept work experience requests embracing the next generation of designers and account handlers.  We’ve really enjoyed having 15 year old Alfie from Uppingham Community College with us this week in the studio, so much so we asked him to write about his time with us…

My week of work experience at Unsworth Sugden by Simone Dalling

Unsworth Sugden really surprised me! Working there for a week in the PR department was an amazing experience to say the least! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting very much due to a bad experience I’d had in the past with another company. I found that at the previous place they just wanted me to run their errands but didn’t really teach me anything about Public Relations.

Make a splash with your corporate giving

Many clients turn to us for advice about their corporate sponsorship. There’s no doubt that charity-giving and staff fundraising has many benefits. It works to engage employees as well as demonstrate a company’s commitment to their local community. It shows a business is willing to give something back and is driven by more than just sales. But how to select an organisation to support?

Your key messaging in safe hands

For many of our clients PR isn’t just about supporting the sales messages, it’s about making sure that they are seen as the experts in their field or that they are positioned as thought leaders, standard setters and advice givers. This kind of key messaging works harder, deeper and longer than quick win PR activity.

Be bowled over by case studies

Third party endorsement is the sure fire way of generating awareness and getting key messages out there in a convincing and believable way. So at Unsworth Sugden, whatever the business we’re case study crazy. Plus testimonials can be used in so many ways… in a press release, on your website, on your social platforms, in HTML emailers and direct mail, as video content, in sales literature, ads and radio commercials, the list goes one.