Ask Craig

From SEO to PPC we spoke to digital account manager Craig, to help unravel some of the mysteries of digital abbreviations and what it really means to be ‘optimised’!

International Men’s Day 2018

To mark this year’s International Men’s Day, we asked some of the guys in the office to name their role model. The topic certainly got everyone in the office talking and asking more questions. For example: Why are role models often the same gender as the person naming them? Why is it often harder for men to express their emotions? Do men use humour to disguise their feelings or topics that mean something to them?

New face at USG

We recently welcomed a new recruit to the USG family. We spoke to Dave Alexander to find out a bit more about him…

Getting your company message in the right places

As an agency with more than 40 years experience in PR, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about how to get press releases into the media and what works where. For our client’s it’s essential that their brand’s messages are heard by the right channels and that they get their name in the right places.

Too many websites to update?

portal feed

It often seems like a never ending task trying to keep a company website up to date. For our housebuilder clients this task is made even more tedious, as not only do they have to update their own website with latest housetype releases, availability and prices, but they also have to update these on the main property portals like Right Move and Zoopla. In some instances, thanks to the ever growing list of property portals, a housebuilder may have to update current availability on as many as 5 websites.