Navigating Covid-19 together

It has been a challenging couple of weeks for the entire nation.  Businesses and individuals are being faced with problems on a daily basis for which there is no benchmark, no rule book and most worryingly no semblance of certainty.

At Unsworth Sugden we have been able to mobilise effective home working in order to protect our staff and their families. We are fully operational and continue to serve our clients in this time of need.

In particular our teams have been developing new marketing strategies, PR and social campaigns to help our clients navigate their business operations through the pandemic.  Crucially we have also been working on issues and crisis response messages reacting to both Government guidance and public sentiment as they evolve.

Naturally, digital innovation fortunately has been at the heart of this new way of working but we are also finding traditional comms has an important role to play.  One thing that is certain therefore, when normal life returns, you will want to make sure your brand hasn’t been forgotten and perhaps more importantly, that during the crisis you are seen as displaying integrity and are living up to your company’s purpose.

If you would like some input to your current marketing strategy and Coronavirus comms please contact Hannah Elwell 07968 095 235 or Ryder Sugden 07703 269 324 and we can set up a virtual meeting to discuss how we can help.