My week of work experience at Unsworth Sugden by Simone Dalling

Unsworth Sugden really surprised me! Working there for a week in the PR department was an amazing experience to say the least! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting very much due to a bad experience I’d had in the past with another company. I found that at the previous place they just wanted me to run their errands but didn’t really teach me anything about Public Relations.

On the first day at Unsworth Sugden I was warmly greeted by Hannah, the Deputy Managing Director and Head of PR, who introduced me to the staff there. I was given a number of press releases, which I had to turn into blogs for the website. The fact that I had the opportunity to contribute to their website was very rewarding. I was also given the task of compiling important letters for a client and then preparing them for distribution. I learned a number of things while I was there, such as how to use Mail Merge in Word, what a press release is and a number of other things. I liked the fact that I constantly had something to do, I was never short of work.

Working in an office environment was really great. I had my own desk, which really made me feel like I was part of the team. The staff there were extremely welcoming and helpful. If I was unsure about something, there was always someone there to be of assistance. I was also given some really good advice from one of the employees, Rosie about work experience.

I also got good insight into what working in PR was like by watching and listening to the tasks that the employees had to do. I didn’t realise how much attention to detail was needed and how important the relationship with the client was.

Overall it was a very enlightening experience and I’m very grateful that I got the opportunity to work there. I’m extremely happy that I have some work that I can add to my portfolio. I would definitely recommend Unsworth Sugden if you want to go into PR or just want to learn a bit more about the field.