International Men’s Day 2018

To mark this year’s International Men’s Day, we asked some of the guys in the office to name their role model. The topic certainly got everyone in the office talking and asking more questions. For example: Why are role models often the same gender as the person naming them? Why is it often harder for men to express their emotions? Do men use humour to disguise their feelings or topics that mean something to them?

Whatever your view, we loved discussing the topic and learning what kinds of people inspire the men in our team.


Sam Payne, 26, PR Account Executive

I have a lot of respect for my late granddad – I inherited my interest in creative writing from him. He was also a very funny and intelligent man – so explains where I get those traits from too.


Andy Hunt, 43, Graphic Designer

My dad is my role model. He is still swimming in national tournaments at 69, playing squash, golf, and tennis. He also always knows the right things to say to make everything ok.


Mark Sheppard, 22, PR Account Executive

My role model is Jamie Vardy, who has proved hard work and determination pays off. He is the perfect example of someone who started from the bottom and worked his way up, ultimately showing you should never give up on your dreams.


Alex Scoppie, 38, Senior PR Account Manager

Jon Snow. Not from Game of Thrones, but from Channel 4 News. He never forgets the humanity in whichever story he is covering, and also has very snazzy ties.


Craig Timmins, 33, Digital Account Manager (SEO)

Steve Jobs. He created Apple from his parents’ garage and inspired generations of people to learn from mistakes and never give up on their dreams.


Bradley Pickering, 19, Junior Web Developer

Bill Gates is my role model. He innovated the tech industry and is a multi-billionaire so must’ve done something right!


Sam Astill, 25, Digital Account Executive

David Attenborough would be my choice of role model. The bloke’s a legend!