In the hot seat – Mark van den Berg

Recently joining us here at Unsworth Sugden, we put Mark van den Berg in the hot seat to learn a little bit more about him:



Mark van den Berg

Job role

Junior Account Executive



Where from/live?

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I now live in Leicester.

Proudest achievement?

It would be moving out of home at 17 to live in England. I left Sydney to go to a boarding school in Market Harborough to finish my schooling. I then eventually decided to move here permanently to start working and to start a life here with my partner.

Two things you enjoy out of work?

Food and football

Biggest fear?

Getting lost at sea

Favorite takeaway?


Role model?

Barack Obama. I think he’s a great role model for any young man wanting to make something of himself. I think his values and his demeanor are something to be admired. He loves his family and he tries to make everyone around him better. I wish I knew him personally and could learn from him.

Dream holiday destination?

Iceland. Not the supermarket.

Recommended read?

Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I read this at school and I was (and continue to be) haunted by it. Chaos and the lust for power doesn’t reserve itself only for adults.

Favorite song?

There’s too much good music about. It wouldn’t be fair to just pick one!

Favorite colour?

Dark brown. There’s something about good quality leather and wood that tickles me.  I prefer a rustic aesthetic. Buying a house, I would choose a cabin made of wood rather than a white mansion. Brown, burgundy, maroon and dark green are just far more appealing to me.

Cats or dogs?