Focus on the brief!

Here at #USG, we commission various types of photography jobs, from PR and product photography, model shoots, studio work to drone and 360 degree films. It’s true that a picture tells a thousand words, and therefore it is crucial the correct shot is captured in time and on budget.

We spoke with one of our professional photographers and photography lecturer Toby Savage for his ‘take’ on how to get the perfect PR shot:

1. Quickly establish a good working relationship with the subjects, especially those who may be unfamiliar with how the process works.

2. Arrange the subjects to suit the photograph taking care to make sure each shot complements the individual and/or group; for example, don’t have the largest person on the edge of the frame if using a wide angle lens

3. Remember the idea of a PR shot is for public relations. The client’s products or services should be highlighted within the photograph in a positive way

4. Lighting conditions and any other technical difficulties such as strong backlight from windows should be assessed prior to shooting

5. A variety of shots should be taken so that they can be used to suit a story or angle.